Enabling RTSP for Night Owl AHD10


Enabling RTSP

Easy way

Depending on the model you may be able to just open the web interface, inspect the HTML for the RTSP checkbox, un-hide it with CSS, then simply check the box and submit the form as-is. If there's no option available to enable the RTSP stream then you can try the backup method.

If the easy way doesn't work

Try calling the functions directly. This may require some web development knowledge but this is the gist of what happens when you submit the web form.

  1. Login to web server
  2. Open the IE developer console
  3. run gDvr.GetAndSetParameter("RTSP", "<a><RtspPort>PORT</RtspPort><enAuthMode>1</enAuthMode><RtspEnable>1</RtspEnable><RtspUserName>USERNAME</RtspUserName><RtspPassword>PASSWORD</RtspPassword></a>", 1, 300)
  4. Connect to the RTSP stream with the url rtsp://USERNAME:PASSWORD@HOST:PORT/ch<num>/<0|1>
  5. Pray